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URL Rewriting with Railo, Tomcat and mod_jk

I am using the very easy Viviotech Railo installer for my Railo installations with Apache and Tomcat on Ubuntu (or CentOS). By default, this installer uses the mod_jk connector approach to pass requests from Apache to Tomcat (and then to Railo). I needed to set up some URL rewriting of .cfm files but found that [...]
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SES URLs in Railo with Tomcat

I am setting up a copy of Codex Wiki on Railo with Tomcat. Codex uses URLs that have the form: http://domain/index.cfm/wiki/dashboard This causes an error such as: HTTP Status 404 - /index.cfm//wiki/dashboard type Status report message /index.cfm//wiki/Dashboard description The requested resource (/index.cfm//wiki/dashboard) is not available. Apache Tomcat/6.0.20
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Setting up a Railo website in Ubuntu Apache Tomcat

If you have followed the instructions in the previous post then you hopefully have a working Railo server. Next step is to set up a website. There are three main steps required 1) Add the site domain name to your hosts file 2) Add the site to apache 3) Add the site to tomcat
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Easy Railo Apache Tomcat Ubuntu Install

I am just getting into using Ubuntu and Railo and after experimenting with a few different installations, the following steps were the simplest I could find. For this installation I am using: VMWare Player to set up a nice Railo Ubuntu virtual machine Ubuntu 9.10 Railo 3.1.2 You can assume that these instructions are for [...]
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Installing Railo ColdFusion under IIS on Windows

Railo is an alternative ColdFusion application server. The developers have been very generous to release a free Community edition for small business use. I decided to use a more manual installation rather than use the bundled versions provided by Railo so I could better understand what was going where. Note that I am only describing [...]
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