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DAOs and Gateways in ColdFusion

Some thoughts on Data Access Objects and Gateways within ColdFusion, and whether or not we really need both of them? What are DAOs and Gateways? Firstly a quick overview of what these are: Data Access Object and Gateways are the names given to ColdFusion components that access information from a database or other external data [...]
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Simple Object Oriented Security in ColdFusion (Version 2)

Some thoughts on implementing simple object oriented security in ColdFusion. This entry is a result of great feedback I received from my previous entry. What primary objects do we need? There are two main objects that we need – User and SecurityService. There are a couple of other objects that will assist with the security [...]
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Simple Object Oriented Form Handling

This entry has been updated over at the revised Object Oriented Form handling entry. Some thoughts on handling forms using object oriented techniques. In particular, how to handle the creation of new data, editing, validating and saving it to a database. Trying to keep things simple … These notes mostly describe the creation of a [...]
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The Strategy Design Pattern in ColdFusion

Thoughts on the Strategy design pattern specific to ColdFusion and it’s typeless nature. What is the Strategy design pattern? Suppose you have an object A which needs to use another object B. [A] — uses —> [B] Then a different situation requires that you need to exchange B for another object C; so object A [...]
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Implementing Simple Object Oriented Security in ColdFusion

I have written up a new version of this entry which has some better techniques for implementing ColdFusion security. Presumably, an object oriented technique for handling security would start with a single component that provides all of the functions we need, such as validating a login, testing if a person is currently logged in, and [...]
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