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Preventing Hotlinking with Nginx and NodeJS

If you are running a NodeJS site via Nginx then you may be using proxy_pass to route requests from Nginx to Node. If you’d like to also prevent hot linking then you might like to first have a read of Marcel Eichner’s post on preventing hot linking which this post is based on. Then you [...]
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Another 10 Interesting JavaScript Features

I previously posted about 10 Interesting JavaScript Features. Here’s ten more JavaScript features that I’ve recently found interesting.
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Should you use semicolons in JavaScript?

There has been a quite a bit of chatter recently on whether or not you should use semicolons in your JavaScript code. JavaScript provides a feature called Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI). For the most part there are rarely problems in omitting semicolons, but there are a few cases where semicolons are required to prevent syntax [...]
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Creating namespaces in JavaScript

In the past it was very common to see global variables in snippets of JavaScript code across the web, such as: name = "Spock"; function greeting() { return "Hello " + name; } A better approach is to place all of your code within a namespace; an object that contains all of your code and [...]
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How to use sessions on Google App Engine with Python and gae-sessions?

Google App Engine with Python does not provide built in session capabilities. This step by step walkthrough sets up a Google App Engine app using the lightweight gae-sessions utility.
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