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Creating namespaces in JavaScript

In the past it was very common to see global variables in snippets of JavaScript code across the web, such as: name = "Spock"; function greeting() { return "Hello " + name; } A better approach is to place all of your code within a namespace; an object that contains all of your code and [...]
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How to use sessions on Google App Engine with Python and gae-sessions?

Google App Engine with Python does not provide built in session capabilities. This step by step walkthrough sets up a Google App Engine app using the lightweight gae-sessions utility.
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10 Interesting JavaScript Features

I’ve been doing some more reading on JavaScript recently and decided to note down some of what were interesting features for me. If you’ve been doing JavaScript for a while then please let me know if anything looks a bit off, otherwise I hope you find the list an interesting read!
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Creating a form with labels inside text fields using jQuery

It’s common to see forms that have a label displayed inside text fields which then disappear when you click into the field. Let’s go through an example for a login form that demonstrates a method for doing this.
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