SES URLs in Railo with Tomcat

I am setting up a copy of Codex Wiki on Railo with Tomcat.

Codex uses URLs that have the form:


This causes an error such as:

HTTP Status 404 - /index.cfm//wiki/dashboard
type Status report
message /index.cfm//wiki/Dashboard
description The requested resource (/index.cfm//wiki/dashboard) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.20

The default install of Railo I am using enables the handling of URLs such as:


But we need to also set up a handler for:


These mappings are handled in the tomcat web.xml file.

The default settings are:

<!-- The mapping for the Railo servlet -->

We need to add one more that reads:


After restarting Railo, the SES URLs should start working.

This technique should hopefully work for any applications that use this URL technique, including Mango Blog, which will require a few extra similar mappings.

This entry is based on a comment by Tony Garcia on a Railo entry by Sean Corfield:

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