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Getting the auto generated id after insert in MSSQL

With thanks to some smart people on the CFTalk mailing list, here is a concise strategy for getting an automatically generated primary key id after inserting a record into an MSSQL database. Suppose you have a table Person with fields: personId – int, auto Id, Primary Key firstName – varchar lastName – varchar To insert [...]
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Simple Object Oriented Security in ColdFusion (Version 2)

Some thoughts on implementing simple object oriented security in ColdFusion. This entry is a result of great feedback I received from my previous entry. What primary objects do we need? There are two main objects that we need – User and SecurityService. There are a couple of other objects that will assist with the security [...]
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Simple Object Oriented Form Handling

This entry has been updated over at the revised Object Oriented Form handling entry. Some thoughts on handling forms using object oriented techniques. In particular, how to handle the creation of new data, editing, validating and saving it to a database. Trying to keep things simple … These notes mostly describe the creation of a [...]
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